How to upgrade Monsta FTP to the latest version


This article demonstrates how to upgrade your Monsta FTP install to the latest version using the in-app auto-installer.



1. When a new version is available you'll see an alert in the far right of the footer toolbar.

Monsta FTP new version alert

2. Click the icon and you'll be asked to log in as the master user. If you haven't yet set a master password you can do this from the log-in screen

Monsta FTP upgrade login

3. Once logged in click the Start Upgrade button.

Monsta FTP upgrade logged in

4. The install file will download and and the latest files will be installed. Your config, settings and license files will remain unaffected by the upgrade.

Monsta FTP upgrade downloading

5. Click Refresh to load the new version.

Monsta FTP upgrade complete

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