How to use the login manager


This article demonstrates how to save multiple FTP profiles with a single master password.



1. On your log-in screen you'll see a field labelled Choose a master password. Choose a strong password that you'll use to access your login profiles, enter it, and click the icon.

Monsta FTP master password field

2. The password field will change into a dropdown list labelled Load a Profile. Click the option New to create a new profile.

Monsta FTP new profile

3. Choose a name for your profile, that will appear in the dropdown list. Then complete all your host details as normal and connect to login.

Monsta FTP create profile

4. If your login is successful the profile will be saved and you'll see it in the dropdown list.

Monsta FTP profile saved

To make changes to your login details simple change the appropriate fields and login. If your login is successful the changes will be saved.