How to edit files


This article demonstrates how to edit text-based files on-screen with the code-friendly file editor.



1. Browse the file manager and locate the file you want to edit, then right-click (or click the carat) and from the context menu choose Edit.

Monsta FTP context menu edit

2. The file editor will load with the file's contents shown, which you can edit. Monsta FTP file editor

3. To save your file click Save or you can check the Auto-save box which will regularly save your file as you editor it. When your file is unsaved you'll see a * to the left of the file path in the footer.

Monsta FTP file editor save

You can have multiple files open at once. To view the open files click the current file's path in the footer.

Monsta FTP file path

A window will pop-up showing all your open files. You can click on a file to switch to its content in the editor. To close a file, click the x to its left.

Monsta FTP editor files open

When back in the file manager you can access any open files in the editor by clicking the icon in the footer toolbar.

Monsta FTP editor open