Download Monsta FTP
Version 2.3 released 29 January, 2017
Responsive interface
FTP/SFTP/SCP support
Drag & drop uploads
Zip files/folders for download
Change file permissions
On-screen file editor
Login manager
If you're managing multiple FTP servers the Professional Edition lets you save all your logins in an encrypted flat-file database which you can access with a single master password.
Advanced file editor
Our new code editor transforms the standard text box into a full-screen editor with color-coded syntax and line numbers so now you can do more efficient file editing from any device.
Tabbed file editing
Open multiple files for editing and easily switch between them. Plus, the auto-save feature will keep your files up-to-date as you work.
Customizable toolbars
Remove menu items like CHMOD, make files read-only, and link to your own support portal.
Fetch files from web
Copy the URL of a file you want to download and Monsta FTP will download it to your FTP server.
Create encoded login links
Easily login to Monsta FTP with an encoded URL that contains all your login credentials. Perfect for giving easy access to customers.
Set a fixed host address
Define your host address to prevent users logging into other servers. You can also define other credentials such as username and password, if you want to always login to the same account.
Rebrand with your colors/logo
Completely rebrand Monsta FTP as your own with a replacement page title, logo and color scheme.
Login from external forms
Create your own dynamically-populated login forms to login to Monsta FTP from an external source, like a control panel or dashboard.
$29 USD
per install, per year.
lifetime price available.
$99 USD
per install, per year.
lifetime price available.
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