Monsta FTP Change Log
Version 2.3.8
17 April, 2017

* Vastly improved client-side support for IIS servers
* Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.7
11 April, 2017

* Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.6
22 March, 2017


* tar/tar.gz files now supported by the upload-and-unzip feature

Bug fixes:

* Language files should now load properly

Version 2.3.5
13 March, 2017

Features added:

* You can now upload a zip file and have it unzip on the server


* All toolbar and file-menu options customizable in Pro/Enterprise editions

Version 2.3.4
6 March, 2017


* SSH now uses PHPSecLib instead of system SSH libraries

Bug fixes:

* Client won't log back in when logging out, if credentials stored in settings
* Setting very low file upload sizes will no longer break the client interface

Version 2.3.3
18 February, 2017

Enhancements added:

* Diagnostics file now uses new FTP libraries
* Line numbers in editor now appear for all file types
* Improved support for ProFTPd
* Added logging handlers

Bug fixes:

* Monsta logo no longer repeats on mobile screens
* Slider bar now closes when clicking elsewhere on screen

Other changes:

* There is no longer a basic file editor in the Starter Edition

Version 2.3.2
7 February, 2017

Monsta FTP now checks if your browser supports folder uploading. Previously only Chrome support folder uploads, but the latest versions of Firefox and Edge now also support this functionality, so this feature is now available to you in this version.

Version 2.3.1
6 February, 2017

Enhancements added:

* Added base64 encoding/decoding when viewing files

Bug fixes:

* Resolved issue with predefined login fields not hiding
* Fixed bug with reading some licenses

Version 2.3
29 January, 2017

Added the Enterprise Edition (requires upgrade):

* Supports rebranding with your logo and color scheme
* Create dynamic login forms from your own website/dashboard

Other changes:

* We have rewritten PHP's FTP functions for better and more reliable performance
* Moved the fixing of host address and other credentials to Professional Edition
* Improved UTF-8 support

Bug fixes:

* Removed the 30 second timeout on file fetches

Version 2.2
11 December, 2016

Enhancements added to Professional Edition (requires upgrade):

* Added the ability to add/remove CHMOD from toolbar/menu
* Added the ability to add/remove Edit from toolbar/menu, and switch to a read-only "View" option
* Added the ability to replace our support portal link with your own
* Added the ability to remove the Add-ons button from the slider menu

Other changes:

* Added a diagnostics.php file for testing against Monsta FTP errors
* Upgraded the jQuery Slider menu to v2.0.2
* Added CodeMirror's auto-refresh script to fix blank file loads when switching tabs
* Added an XHR Timeout option to settings.json
* Rebranding of the interface will now produce an error (rebranding available in Enterprise Edition)

Version 2.1.7
1 December, 2016

Enhancements added:

* Improved file list parsing for Windows servers.
* Error alert shows if PHP's magic quotes is causing an issue.
* Connection errors now hide when attempting a reconnect.

Other changes:

* The "file fetch" feature has been moved to the Professional Edition

Version 2.1.6
10 November, 2016

Enhancements added:

* Changed to multi-stage file upload for improved performance
* Improved CHROOT environments for SFTP

Version 2.1.5
1 November, 2016

Enhancements added:

* Login tabs (i.e. FTP/SFTP) now only display when more than one option available
* Files now display "unsaved changes" indicator in the file editor
* File paths now display alphabetically in history dropdown
* Files/folders can now be copied to source folder ("copy" appended)

Bugs fixed:

* Content no longer wraps under less than 320px width
* File/folder uploads now working smoothly in IE/Edge
* Setting for logging into initial directory fixed in SFTP


* SFTP/SCP login option no longer available by default
* Removed "recent items" from history dropdown
* "Processing" icon no longer appears mid-screen when using auto-save in file editor
* Added config-based disabling of agent/key auth (SFTP)

Version 2.1.4
11 October, 2016

Enhancements added:

* Added a simplified license registration process
* Added "Recent" items to history dropdown
* All folders now appear in History dropdown, ordered alphabetically
* All files now appear alphabetically in file editor pop-up

Version 2.1.3
6 October, 2016

Enhancements added:

* Added an initial directory to the login form
* Attempt to turn on UTF8 after login
* Checkbox labels in login form now clickable
* Performance of file uploads improved
* File transfer progress bar now works in Internet Explorer

Bugs fixed:

* Files no longer deselect if already selected and user right-clicks
* Fields in login form now display correctly according to settings
* Resolved issue with uploading very large files that produced folder error
* Folder breadcrumb now resets on logout

Version 2.1.2
2 October, 2016

Bugs fixed:

* Accented characters now allowed in user/group of FTP raw output (improves ability to parse)

Version 2.1.1
28 September, 2016

Bugs fixed:

* Improved detection between folders and files on upload
* Resolved issue with settings.json variables not reflecting properly in login form

Version 2.1
22 September, 2016

New features:

* Added "link login generator" to login manager (upgrade required)
* Added profile naming option to login manager (upgrade required)

Enhancements added:

* Can now login without password
* Can now login to another server without first logging out
* Monsta logos are no longer loading from our CDN
* Improved support for different FTP outputs
* Added defaults to config.php for a higher file upload limit

Bugs fixed:

* File properties modal now working properly in Safari
* File drop-up in advanced editor now working in Firefox
* Dragging mouse to select files now working properly
* Files removed from advanced editor on move/rename/delete
* Aborting all uploads now works properly

Version 2.0.1
16 September, 2016

* settings.json and config.php moved into secured "settings" folder
* Professional Edition license and config now all reside in secured "license" folder

Version 2.0
14 September, 2016

* New interface built in Angular JS
* Professional Edition features added (requires upgrade)
* Support for SFTP/SCP added
* File editor now full-screen
* Language files no longer part of install (requires separate download)

Version: 1.8.8
28 June, 2016

* Allowed setting of file size and script execution time limits in config.php
* Fixed a Javascript bug in Internet Explorer/Edge

Version: 1.8.7
9 June, 2016

* Users were reporting issues relating to user token so it has been removed until version 2
* Version number now checks for updates (this was removed in last update)

Version: 1.8.6
Date: 7 June, 2016

* Hard-coded a 10-minute allowance for files to upload
* Improved the way the server's tmp folder is set
* Moved the version number inside the app for improved security
* Added a user token to prevent cross-site request forgeries
* Added a Romanian language file

Version: 1.8.5
13 April, 2016

* Reverted name from MONSTA Box to Monsta FTP
* Added better ftp_chmod() checks if function available
* Made changes to language files

Version: 1.8.4
3 April, 2016

* Setting a temp folder for files is now optional
* Introduced ability to show/hide dot files (e.g. .htaccess)

Version: 1.8.3
30 March, 2016

* Resolved an XSS vulnerability with template files
* Removed the skins folder (an option to choose skins)
* Moved /style.css to /css/style.css
* Added file /css/colors.css

Version: 1.8.2
29 March, 2016

* Resolved an issue with temporary file names
* Added a prefix for session names
* Removed redundant headers for file downloads
* Resolved problem with corrupted zip downloads