BLOG: How to grow your Twitter audience, in 3 easy steps
By Daniel Williams. Posted 4 April, 2016
There are thousands of posts that dive into detail about how to get the best out of Twitter, but let's keep things simple. You can grow a significant Twitter audience (a.k.a. increase your followers) with these 3 easy steps:

1. Create a meaningful profile
2. Follow others
3. Tweet regularly

Let's look at each in detail.
Create a meaningful profile
Look at the three profile previews below and it should be immediately obvious what a difference a complete profile makes if you want to be noticed.
Your profile should include:

1. An avatar (your profile picture)
2. A background image
3. A full description, with at least one hashtag
4. Your website address

If you want people to follow you, give them a good reason to. Simple!
Follow others
Many Twitter users follow the rule that "if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." In other words, if you follow me, I'll follow you. It is of course important to target who you follow, and to do that you can simply identify a popular Twitter user in your market, go to their profile and click on their FOLLOWERS number.
From there you can see a portion of their followers that you can scroll through and follow yourself. You can also do this with your competitors' Twitter profiles, which is a great way to reach potential customers.

It's then necessary to go through your FOLLOWING list and unfollow all those you haven't followed you back. Rinse and repeat (I do this weekly.)

Note: When you first start using Twitter you'll reach a follow limit of around 1,000 (i.e. once you're following 1,000 other Twitterers you won't be able to follow any more.) This is also capped daily, so you can't just follow and unfollow people all day. As your own followers increase in number your following limit will increase too (but you'll still be capped on daily follows.)
Tweet regularly
You should be aiming to post a tweet two to three times a week. Here's a few popular ideas of what to Tweet:

- A link to your latest blog post
- A product or release announcement
- A behind-the-scenes photo of your office
- An interesting (and relevant) blog post you've found
- A question to your followers
- An inspiring quote from an industry leader

If you need help with what to tweet, check out 42 Things to Tweet When You're COMPLETELY Out of Ideas.

It is worthwhile reposting your tweets at different times of the day to maximize your reach, and also to repost old tweets. It's really important to never let your tweets go stale because this will lead to unfollows (not to mention makes you look like you just gave up on social media engagement.)

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