How Monsta FTP Works
What is FTP?

Desktop FTP Client


FTP Server
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the oldest method for transferring files between a client and a server. Before the many popular ways of managing website files that are available today, websites were predominantly managed using FTP with desktop clients such as Cute FTP and WS FTP.

Web pages were built in a desktop editor, such as Hotdog, Homesite and FrontPage, saved locally, and then uploaded directly to the web server using a desktop FTP client (or FTP was built in to the webpage editor.)
While not as popular today as the late 90s and early 2000s, FTP is still widely used to move files between computers.
How does Monsta FTP work?

Desktop Browser


Monsta FTP Client
(hosted on website)


FTP Server
Monsta FTP takes your FTP client off your desktop and puts it on the web. Monsta FTP is written in PHP and Javascript and you install it as a sub-folder of your website, like

Once installed, you can access your FTP server from any device, anywhere, without needing to install FTP software; all you need is your browser.

Monsta FTP acts as a man-in-the-middle between your desktop and your FTP server. This means all files up/downloaded between your device and your FTP server pass through the Monsta FTP install.

When you upload a file from your device, it is first uploaded to the client server where Monsta FTP is installed, and is then transferred on to the FTP server. The same is true for downloads, but in reverse. In most cases, however, the client server and FTP server are the same (where you install Monsta FTP on the same server where your website is hosted.)